I’ve had the opportunity to speak on data, technology and law to academics, legal practitioners, technologists and policy makers on three continents. If you or your organization are interested in having me speak, please send me an email with the specifics of your request.


Panelist, Predicting Justice: Optimizing Data in the Criminal Justice System, Santa Clara University School of Law.

Plenary speaker, From Principles to Practice: Simulating AI in the Justice System, IEEE and Council of Europe.

Keynote speaker, Data & Technology in the U.S. Criminal Justice System, U.S. State Department International Visitor Leadership Program.

Speaker, New Technologies in the Criminal Justice System and their implications, Cyberweek, Tel Aviv University.

Speaker, Detain/Release: Simulations and Criminal Justice Risk Assessments, Vera Institute.

Panelist, The Case for Accessibility and Transparency in Access to Justice and Legal Technologies, Annual Meeting, Maryland State Bar Association.

Moderator, The Rise of Free Law and its Implications, CodeX Conference, Stanford Law School.

Panelist, Detain/Release: Simulating Risk Assessments at Pretrial, State of the South conference, Georgia State University School of Law.


Speaker, Ethical, Social, Legal, & Governance Reactions to Criminal Justice Predictive Analytics, the National Academy of Sciences & PEW Charitable Trusts.

Speaker, Technology and the Rule of Law, USAID & Georgetown University.

Invited expert, Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Opportunities, Challenges, and Implications, U.S. Government and Accountability Office.

Panelist, The State of Criminal Justice Reform, Alston & Bird.

Speaker, Access to Justice Through Technology, Santa Clara University School of Law.

Invited expert, Civic Health Ideation Retreat, Civic Hall Labs.

2016 & before

Speaker, organizer & moderator, Justice Codes Symposium on Technology in Criminal Justice Reform, John Jay College.

Invited expert, Technology and Women: Promise and Peril, University of Pennsylvania.

Speaker, Emerging Technologies and the Need for Evaluation, Baylor College of Medicine.

Panelist, Access to Justice Tools in the Larger Digital Ecosystem, Legal Services Corporation.

Speaker, Digitizing and Scaling Expungement Services, American Legislative Exchange Council, 2015.

Speaker, Cracking the Code: Everything You Wanted to Know About Coding, Open Data & More But Were Afraid to Ask, American Bar Association, 2014.