I write, a lot. As a staff writer covering the law and technology beat for the ABA Journal, I’m constantly churning out articles covering cybersecurity, government and industry. I’ve also had articles published by Harvard University, Huffington Post and Wired. Below, you’ll find selected, recent publications on a variety of issues where technology is putting pressure on the legal system.


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Selected Publications


Expungement & Criminal Records

Use copy right law to battle mugshot extortion, ABA Journal, Mar. 2018.

A good name is hard to clear: a national report on digital expungement applications, SIMLab, Jan. 2017.

Expungement and Changing Your Criminal Record, Maryland People's Law Library, Oct. 2015.

Cleaning Records by the Thousands, ABA Journal, Sept. 2015.

Helping Expunge an Inaccurate Criminal Record, the Huffington Post, Apr. 2015.


Research, Evaluation, & Critique

A good name is hard to clear: a national report on digital expungement applications, SIMLab, Jan. 2017.

Emerging Technologies and the Need for Evaluation, John Jay College Research and Evaluation Center, Jan. 2016.

How to do Criminal Justice Tech the Right Way, Civicist, Jan. 2016.

The Limiting Language of Disruption, the Huffington Post, Oct. 2015.


Juvenile Justice

Youth Charged as Adults: The Use and Outcomes of Transfer in Baltimore City, University of Maryland School of Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender, and Class, Nov. 2014.

Baltimore Enforces Tough Curfew for City's Teens, The Takeaway, Aug. 2014. (Audio)

Curfew drop-off centers are too little too late, the Baltimore Sun, Feb. 2014.

End automatic youth transfers in Maryland, the Baltimore Sun, Aug. 2013.

Making the case for juvenile diversion in Kosovo, AUK Democratization and Rule of Law Speaker Series, Mar. 2013. (Video)

Youth Courts International: Adopting an American Juvenile Diversion Scheme Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Oregon Review of International Law, Mar. 2013.